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Are retiree’s eligible to take classes at the university and still qualify for a tuition waiver? Retirees can only receive tuition and fee waivers for courses at one of the University of Illinois campuses (UIC, UIS, or UIUC). Tuition and Service Fee Waivers

Are dependent children of retiree’s still eligible for the half cost of tuition benefit? No Child of Employee - Attending University of Illinois

Before retiring, should an employee meet with a Benefits Counselor to review which insurances will remain the same and which may require direct communication with the company? Yes, approximately 2-3 months before retirement. When should I file my application for retirement? SURS would like to receive your application 60-90 days prior to your effective date of retirement. If you are within 4 years of retirement, you may be eligible for a counseling session with SURS. This document provides information on requesting an appointment with a SURS counselor and the steps you will take to complete the retirement process. Retiring from the University of Illinois

What happens to insurance benefits and premiums when on a leave of absence? Premiums are billed to an employee directly by CMS.  For a medical leave (includes FMLA for care of a family member) of absence, the employee must pay the same premium deducted from his/her pay. For a non medical or non educational leave, the employee must pay his/her premium cost for coverage. CMS Leave of Absence or contact Benefit Center

Topic: Civil Service Position Elimination Frequently Asked Questions – Departments and Employees

What is bumping?

Bumping is the term used to refer to the displacement of another employee who has less seniority in a title. Exercising seniority rights is often referred to as bumping.

How does bumping work?

In the event of position elimination, affected employees may use their seniority rights to displace (aka bump) and therefore assume the positions of others with less seniority in that same classification, other classifications in that promotional line, or other classifications outside that promotional line that the employee has held in the past. This displacement (the exercise of bumping rights or bumping) occurs until the employee who is the least senior in the affected classifications ultimately separates from UIC employment on layoff status.